ballet de beurre de cacahouètte
Ballet de beurre de cacahouète

"An adventurous juxtaposition of semi-contemporary futurism."

- The Narnia Times -

Théâtre des
vélos accros

" A green shade of post-introductionalist avantgardism, its paradigm will undoubtedly contrast directly into the soul."

- Gazelle Gazette -

musique des fenetres opaques
Musique des
fenêtres opaques

" A clever intertwining of materialist abductionalism and an incoherent fringe-minimalism flirting with a fromager-faîre attitude."

- Temporal distortion weekly -

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Currently on Stage

Jessica Alballet

20181129 - 20220318
Narnia Hall

The Jessica Alballet is coming to our theater for a beautiful rendition of Parakeet Puddle.

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The Jessica Simpsony

20181222 - 20190124

Relax with the soothing tones of a cat stuck on a belt sander and a thousand babies crying.

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Balade de Jambon

20180124 - 20180330
My backyard

Expressive performance art by Ballet des Chiens Chauds, set in a utopian world where everything is a sausage.

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Requiem in z-plusminus

20180725 - 20540827
Le Garage

Britney Spears shows us what she has learned during a 2 hour workshop with the guy who picked up a violin once

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The Opera

Older than Tyrannosauruseses

Celebrate with us, as we honor our beautiful opera's 65 millionth year of existence.  We go on a journey back in time to watch the first performance of Emily Bronto-Saurus and many more.

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Meet the Artists

A bastion of creativity

The Opéra d'Aspirateur is looking back on a long history of amazing artistic talent, from Maria Piano (violinist) to Agnes Service-Desk (choreographer). Each has brought their own unique flair to the Opera and helped maintain its reputation as a bastion of unexpected artistic parakeet.

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