The first digital
coffee machine
in the world

Getting coffee has never been easier

We believe in solutions that make life easier. However, we usually don't believe in anything, until we've had our first cup of coffee of the day. Getting coffee, however, is never easy. Our solution removes the hassle of having to go all the way to the kitchen to get coffee. You are just one click away from downloading your coffee and letting your digital coffee machine do the rest!

Physical coffee pads put a burden on the environment

One important goal of digitizing coffee was to remove the impact on the environment. This meant making physical coffee pads obsolete. That's why our coffee is available in all major programming languages. And for all you connoisseurs out there: Our coffee is fully responsive.

Our coffee beans are grown digitally with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence allows us to grow our coffee beans under perfect conditions. We've developed a digital coffee farm, managed carefully by our A.I. farmer, lovingly named Elmer.



Our Espresso beans are of such fine quality, that they've been awarded Best Downloadable Coffee 2156. 200 years of experience in digital coffee production ensures you always get the best of the best.



Do you prefer your coffee a bit more gentle? Our Cappuccino beans have been genetically altered and contain the milk needed for a perfectly smooth Cappuccino, which will take you to Italy in a sip.



Americano coffee is traditionally made by adding ground McDonalds leftovers to the melange. This creates a unique texture and flavor, that is particularly popular in Italy.

We are now available at your favorite coffee place

Our coffee is now available for download at your favorite coffee place as well. A growing number of coffee shops are seeing the benefits of digital and are gradually phasing out analogue coffee. Just keep an eye out for our trademark touch pads and get yourself a delicious muffin (4 mb) while you're at it!

Fully responsive

Download your coffee on Android or iOs, available in the Playstore and the App Store.


Huge online shop

For more exclusive flavors, visit our online shop. You'll find one of a kind digital coffee machines too.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about our products or need technical assistance? Let us know! Our A.I. support-team is standing by.

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